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In the year 2000...


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Springfield Hilton, Room 202

A couple times a year, I travel down to Springfield, IL for work. We are usually put up in the Hilton hotel downtown. I have stayed there at least 15 times and have always had a good experience. That is, until this week.

Now, the hotel is nice and the staff is always great. But when I checked in, I was assigned to room 202 on the 2nd floor. I have never stayed on such a low floor in the past, but didn't think anything of it and took the elevator to the 2nd floor.

When the elevator doors opened, I immediately realized by the horrible smokey stench that the 2nd floor was a smoking floor. I entered room 202. Not as bad smelling as the hallway, but definitely not the clean fresh smell that I would have liked. I am not a smoker and would have liked a non-smoking room and it would have been nice if the staff gave me a heads up. I had a co-worker that was also stuck on the 2nd floor who tried to transfer rooms, but the staff told him that the hotel was all booked, so I didn't even try.

Along with the pungy smokey smell, my room came with everything I would expect from a smoking room.


Burn holes in carpet.

The Springfield Hilton, I beleive, is the tallest building in Springfield. When I have stayed on higher floors in years past, I have had some pretty spectacular views of the capitol. But, since the smoking floor is only two floors up, this was my view this time around:

Scenic A/C units.

While admiring the architectual beauty of these air conditioner units, I noticed a little bit of a draft coming from the seam in between the window panes:

Dilapidated trim.

Even a not so handy person could have easily fixed this with a tube of glue.

Now, whenever I stay at a hotel, I like to have my cell phone plugged in next to my bed. That way I can use it as an alarm clock. In recent years, I have seen lamps with power outlets built into the base. Great idea! And there was even one in this room!

Lamp outlets.

Too bad it was on the desk, and not on the night stand! 

No outlets on night stand.

Now, some of you might say, "Why not just use the alarm clock on the table?" I'll tell you why. Not only is the alarm sound annoying as hell, but the clock is actually displaying the wrong time, and there is no way to change it.

Time is wrong (actual time: 6:32pm)

Okay, so now is the time to pull out the nightstand and search for an outlet. I found an extension cord that had something else running to it, but still had one outlet open. Unfortunatately, the extension cord had a piece of gum stuck to it with a bunch of hair stuck to the gum.

Hairy gum.

I did my best to plug in my cell phone charger and not touch the hairy gum. I set my alarm and went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, I discovered that my phone was not charged at all. I traced back the hairy gum extenstion cord only to find that it was not even plugged in! Most likely, this is also the reason why the lamp in the corner of my room wasn't turning on. And why was this extension cord unplugged? I can almost guarantee that is was someone else that was looking to plug in their cell phone next to the bed.

The second night in the room, I encountered a bug crawling across my bed. I smashed him with a kleenex. Random bug encounters can happen in the cleanest of places, but considering my experience in the room so far, I decided to rip apart both beds for a forensic inspection. My inspection didn't uncover any other bugs, but it did reaveal a significantly stained mattress pad.

Pee? Poo? Semen? Who knows?

Some other items in the room worth noting:

Broken hinge on bathroom makeup mirror.

Also, the flush lever on the toilet had to be held down for several seconds before it even flushed. And also the door to the room was very sticky and will not close on its own. Had to use significant force to get it to close all the way.

Now, I'm not usually one to complain. I've stayed in much worse places. But it was just one thing after another with this room. So much that I was inspired to write this blog post.