An Ode to Dr. Leff
by Dan Heuser

Dr. Leff, he's such a mess
An ugly tie around his neck
His suits don't quite fit him
He always carries his pager with him
It's Dr. Leff

His CS classes are so boring
The guy in the back is always snoring
Lectures always start early and always end late
That's one of the many things I really hate
About Dr. Leff

He doesn't drive a car
He rides a bike
I can't believe he really lives in Stipes
That's Dr. Leff

He's skinny as a twig
And those glasses...
I didn't know they made them that big

He has way too much fun
With zeros and with ones
Always with messy hair
You never know when he'll fall asleep in his chair

He's Lawrence Leff
He's nothing special
He's not a chef
He's just Dr. Leff