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In the year 2000...


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Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

A year or two ago, one of my favorite beverages, Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea, suddenly disappeared from the shelves at Jewel. I scoured the area for another store that carried them. Grocery stores, gas stations, 7-11's....nobody had em anymore. I went as far as a Whole Foods in Deerfield, and a Walgreens in Chicago. I gave up my search a while back, but will still browse the tea section whenever I happen to be near one, just in case. But this always leads to dissapointment and rage as I find that the only Arizona product on the shelf is the stupid Honey and Ginseng flavor. Well today my luck changed.

Extremely low on gas, I was driving on I-294 and got off at Golf Rd. towards Niles. Disgusted by the over priced gas station right off the exit, I continued on and found a Citgo that was 20 cents cheaper. While fueling up, I noticed an Arizona truck unloading some product into the gas station. Something told me that I should just go in and take a peek. There it was in all it's glory! A row of Pomegranate Green Tea in the refrigerated section!

I was flabbergasted. Could this really be true? I promptly grabbed all the bottles that were left in the fridge and brought them up to check out.

Thank you Citgo in Niles! You will be seeing a lot more of me in the future.