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How Smartphones Are Destroying Our Lives

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gadgets. When I made the switch to my HTC Evo phone last year, it changed a lot of things. It changed the way I communicate, the way I access information, as well as being quite handy to pass the time while waiting in a long line.

In many ways, smart phones improve our lives. But I think there are also ways smartphones make our lives worse.

Case in point: Last weekend I took Colleen to see The Jacksons in concert. I threw down a decent chunk of cash to get us seats in the 3rd row. The energy was high and you could tell the people sitting around us were big Jackson's fans.

As expected, when they took the stage, everyone stood up and cheered. But then what happened next intrigued me. Every single person sitting around us had their smart phone out, and was either taking pictures or recording video. I don't ever remember seeing this many cell phones out at a concert before.

Now, that's fine if you want to grab a few photos or a snippet of video so you can remember the day. I even did that. But there were literally people who had their phones out the ENTIRE CONCERT! The couple in front of us were especially ridiculous. They both had their phones out and were recording video the entire time! Even when they took a break from the music and were showing a slideshow on the projection screen!

Seriously, you have a seat in the second row, but you are choosing to watch the entire show through a 4 inch screen.

One of the Jacksons even said at one point during the concert "Quit playing with your cell phones and start dancing!" This is great advice, I must say.