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In the year 2000...


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The New X-Flight Roller Coaster: A Review

I got the privilege to attend the media preview of the new roller coaster opening at Six Flags this year: The "X-Flight".

I have to say I did enjoy it a lot. The cars are laid out with two seats on each side with the track between you. There is a seat, but your legs dangle in the air. The harness is by far the most comfortable I've ever worn on a ride. It's basically a padded vest that comes down over you. It's like the Snuggie of roller coaster harnesses. There are also two large padded bars that come down over your shoulders, but don't acutally touch your body...more for holding on.

The ride itself is a different experience depending on where you sit. We sat in the front on your first ride, in the back on the 2nd ride. I think it's much more exilerating in the back. It was more intense. The highlight of the ride is definitely when the track tilts and the cars go sideways through a small cutout in a tower. You naturally want to duck your head and pick up your feet because it feels like you are going to hit the edges of the tower.

The ride itself is VERY smooth. You don't get your head jerked around or anything like that. I think this might be due to the great harness that surrounds you.

The length of the ride seemed a little short, but I don't think it's nearly as short as rides such as the original Batman.

Overall I loved it. Much better than the the Dark Knight coaster that they opened up a few years ago.

To make space for this ride, they tore down Splashwater Falls. This makes sense now that they have a waterpark. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have water rides in the main park anymore. They also tore down the old timey cars on tracks. Good riddance!

For the media preview, they had cameras mounted to the ride: one facing forward, and one facing backward towards the riders. We could have gotten on the ride in any other seat in a short amount of time, but we opted to wait for an hour to get in the seat with the camera. Thought it would be a cool have our reaction shots while the ride was going. Once we finally rode it, they uploaded the movie clips to a flash drive for you, and you were on your way.

One problem though. When I got back to work and looked at the flash drive, they forgot to include the footage from the camera that was facing back at us. So that was very disappointing.