CD Releases

The Best of the Dan & Dave Show - 2003

This album features some of the best moments from the Dan and Dave show, broadcasted over Western Illinois University's radio station, WIUS. More commonly known as 88.3, the Dog.

The Best Of includes 32 tracks, including the Tribute Remix. Click to listen. (size: 4.7mb, duration: 6:51)

Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits - Vol. 1

Introducing the first album in the Uncle Tom series! This album contains a seemless mix of Gregorian chants, classical pieces, polka favorites, and showtunes you all know and love.

Originally released in 2002 with nine tracks, the 2003 re-release features a bonus track, Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Click to listen. (size: 3.1mb, duration: 2:16)

Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits - Vol. 2

Greatest Hits Volume 2 features several deep cuts, coming straight from Uncle Tom’s personal music collection. Classical, bluegrass, as well as showtunes... And let’s not forget the Irish pub songs and the beloved Gregorian Chants. Greatest Hits Volume 2 is a cornucopia of listening pleasure you’ll be sure to treasure for years to come.

You may be wondering, who the heck is Uncle Tom? Click here to read the story behind Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits.