Local photographer dissed by Presidential hopeful

By Jason Shnoz
Staff Writer

DAVENPORT - A news photographer, covering a recent visit for Democratic nominee Richard Gephardt, was apparently dissed when he went in for a handshake.

Dan Heuser, a news photographer for WQAD-TV, the local ABC affiliate, was covering Congressman Gephardt's speech in the basement of Davenport 's downtown public library. After finishing his speech, Gephardt started a ‘meet and greet' with everyone in the room. Everything was going fine until Heuser attempted to meet the U.S. Representative.

“I decided to come out from behind my camera and meet the man myself. But when I started to reach out my hand, he looked the other way and shook someone else's hand. What a dick.”

“What a dick.”


In an exclusive interview with the pasty white Democrat, I asked him what was going through his pasty white head when he decided to ignore the photographer.

“I hate the media,” Gephardt responded.

I waited for further explanation, but he just sat there with his hands like that. It eventually got weird, so I stood up and left the room.