Mechanic Black List

Welcome to Dan's Mechanic Blacklist. This is my chance to get out all my anger at the mechanics who have done me wrong. I am also leaving it open as a forum to all who wish to share. If you've been screwed, ripped off, or hassled by your mechanic, then please email me your tale of woe. There's no story too big or too small. Whether you hate your mechanic, or you just had one not-so-pleasant experience, I will post it here.

The Black Star Rating

Going to this mechanic has resulted in a general inconvienience.

This mechanic is not horrible, but an all-around pain in the ass.

This mechanic is very shifty. You probably want to go elsewhere.

Proceed with EXTREME caution! Not recommended.

Avoid this sleeze bag at all costs!

Midas Muffler

Address: 1950 N. Route 83, Round Lake Beach, IL

Submitted by: Dan
Date of Incident: November 2001
Type of Car: '96 Geo Metro

Coming home from college for Thanksgivng Break, I found myself working back at my pizza delivery job at Papa Johns Pizza. It was during a day of work this week in which my car overheated. So I brought it into Midas to get checked out.

They told me that the water pump needed replacing (a $500 fix). I told them to proceed with the repair. Even though it was rather pricey, I didn't really have a choice. My car was fixed and ready to go by Friday evening.

I picked up my car and headed straight to work. All was well, until I went out on my first delivery. After delivering the pizza, I noticed that my car had problems accelerating and shifting gears. The more I drove, the worse it got, until I couldn't drive over 20 miles an hour. I coasted back into the Papa Johns parking lot, pissed at the fact that 45 minutes ago I spent $500 on repairing my car, and now it is no longer driveable.

I immediately called back Midas and told them the situation. He sent out a tow truck and towed it back to Midas. But of course, by this time Midas is closed, so they couldn't look at it until tomarrow morning.

Saturday morning I got a call from Midas. They informed me that the transmission had gone. It would cost $1000+ to fix (not really worth it for a '96 Geo Metro). On top of that, they had to send it to a special shop which would not be open til Monday. Keep in mind I have to make a 4 hour drive back to college, and be back in class on Monday morning.

The short of it is that I went out and bought a new car that day (which I really couldn't afford) and I did make it to class on Monday morning. My poor Geo sat in the Midas parking lot for a month, left for dead. I never went back to the Round Lake Beach Midas, nor should you!



Submitted by: Freund
Date of Incident: October 2001
Type of Car: '95 Honda Civic

I had one of my worst experiences ever for any kind of service work done to my car!!!! I went into Midas wanting a problem fixed because my car was having a hard time starting. Midas led me to believe that a tune up was all that was needed.

Chuck (the store manager) specifically said that he had this problem with his car, and changing the spark plugs/wires was the way to fix it. After Midas changed the spark plug wires they found that wasn't the problem. Right before I was about to pay, the mechanic helping me ran back into the parking garage leaving me standing at the counter without any explanation.

I stood there for 5 minutes waiting for someone to explain to me what was going on. I eventually sat down, and Chuck came out to me 30 minutes later saying the spark plug wires were not the problem. He said the problem was with the ignition switch (lame man terms = where you insert the car key to start the car). When I was leaving another mechanic told me if there were any problems starting my car, to give my steering column a nice hard bump.

It was at that moment that I was thinking to myself, “what kind of monkeys run this place!?” That evening coming home from work my car just died. Guess what the problem was? Yep, you guessed it, the ignition switch. Luckily one of my co-workers was home, and was able to get the connections cleaned up so I could temporarily drive it. I was able to get more driving time from what my co-worker did with the ignition switch, then what Midas did, and I didn't have to spend $296.40 to do it. I took it to the Honda dealer and they fixed it for $470. I haven't had any problems since.

I talked to Chuck, and he absolutely refused to work with me. He started yelling at me on the phone about how their work done on my car was kosher. I emailed a complaint to the corporate headquarters website, and they never responded. To this day I refuse to take my car to any Midas, even ones outside of Round Lake because of the absolute lousy service I received.