I, Dan Heuser, leave behind these things for the following people as I conclude my 4 years here at Grayslake High School on May 31, 1998:

Adam Riess: your MANY girlfriends, hackey sack, Bound To The Floor, D&D, car chases, "It's all good!", beer me, Halloween 6, the college fair, Rocky, bastard rules, industrial coffee, flying windshield wiper, Fred's Diner during finals, the card shop

Bobby Sloan: Hawthorne, The Mills, stupid tickets, an Amish village, t..t..two pizzas, "it's about that time", Denny's conversations, wet lettuce, Austin Powers, the chicken, Milwaukee, ping pong, Jewel, the bad rash, "fishing", Milkman, the goofy people

Sam Nieves: the barn party, donuts at Super K, the 666 meal, puking out my car door, a bowling pin, Rockstock '97, the awesome bowl, your smashed finger, crusin' around, silly string, a stop sign, Halloween, football games, stop the pro-beanie baby propaganda, cleaning/destroying your basement, 11:38, Kamel Reds

Scott Ruscheinsky: the beast, locker #35, the yamika, Bust-a-Move, Hanz, the sausage guy, Gus impersonations

Alex Lucas: a Denny's mug, Showplace 8, bagels, your car stuck in the snow, study hall, lunch tray in the backpack, Homer, "dramatization", U2, superballs at Super K, the poltergeist

Scott Mutter: convincing me to audition for the one-acts, the light booth, McDonalds, the whole sound and prop crew, a new sunroof, The Bar, mysterious usher chic, the gay cop

Larry Noble: drivers ed, Bone, "regulation", Scrabble, the air horn

Ryan Fruend: crashing into trees, Pizza Hut, Clubs rule, Great America, drive-by dinging, Star Wars

Stacy Froseth: Fortress, parking on the grass, your front porch, 3 more years of high school

Denny Dracup: Beadboy, Meanchic, nachos, a Cuban cigar

Jessica McGregor: my car, cold fries, Parma weed

Amanda Kos: Prom, driving in reverse, pillow fights, van full of lesbians

Mark Fletcher: French class, all the parties you missed

Andy Burns: whiffle ball in the hallway, my dad yelling at you

Ray Sweeney: Kevin bashing, your truck, Jessica Kiefer, 50 year old man girl

Crystal Akins: your many parties, senior ditch day

Jill Horvath: its dough not a cookie

Paul Mazur: the monkey dance

Amy Miner: "sedan chair", english class

Chris Zimmerman: getting away from "that one guy", the troll

Jill Clayton: your wallet at 1a.m.

Nicole Legare: its Nicole squared!

Adam Latza: a keg...of milk

Justin Kenny: 101 ways to kill yourself

Ginny Cashmore: your awesome directing abilities =)