As you might have guessed, Uncle Tom is my uncle. He has always had a very interesting taste in music, which he has no problem sharing with others at many family events and vacations far back as I can remember. In December of 2002, I recieved an email from my brother Brian. In the email were several ideas of what to get him for Christmas. He rated them from the present he would like the most, to the present he would like the least. As a joke, for the last present, he asked for a compilation CD of all the songs Uncle Tom has made us listen to since the beginning of time. This is where the concept of Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits came about. I was destined to create the greatest gag gift ever unleashed. After hours of designing custom artwork and tracking down rare songs on the internet, Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits Volume 1 was born. The album dropped on Christmas Eve, 2002 at the annual family Christmas Party. It was an instant hit amongst my family members. Non-stop laughs the entire night.

Everyone loved it so much, I decided to re-release the CD the following Christmas Eve which included a bonus track. This time, instead of one copy, I made several, one for each family.

The next installment of Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits was two years in the making. For this album, I personally scoured Uncle Tom's vault of music to bring light to some really obscure songs. It included brand new custom album artwork inspired by the Beatles "Let It Be" album. With a total of 16 tracks, Uncle Tom's Greatest Hits Volume 2 was an instant success. It was released on Christmas Eve 2004, where Uncle Tom was generous enough to autograph everyone's copy.

There has been talk of a Volume 3 for next year, but if it actually happens is yet to be seen.